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      Size:  10.7cm  3.5cm

      Name:  eyelash curler

      Style:   Eyelash Curling Tool

      Material:  carbon steel,stainless steel

      Color:  customized color

      Package:  customized

      Useing:  Ladies Eyes Makeup Work


100% new high quality!

Eyelash coiler, tally with eye shape, gently clip, make eyelashes curly, natural shine,           make eyes smart and delicate.

Silica Gel Pad, Soft and Skin-friendly;

Central fulcrum, flexible and powerful;

High-quality metal frame, exquisite appearance, comfortable feel;

Silicone rubber pad, environmentally friendly, strong, soft, no eyelashes fall off;

The control handle is simple and not easy to fall;

Small and convenient, suitable for home or outdoor carrying.

  • How to use:

    1.To make true false eyelash perfect, can clip true eyelash first become warped;

    2.Use small scissors to cut the false eyelashes, the length of the false eyelashes to a moderate clip;

    3.Bend false eyelashes into an arc before applying false eyelashes;

    4.Besmear again next glue, of eyelash two end besmear a few more, lest stick good hind become warped;

    5.Also can not do while glue when, with the hand qing an, will adjust the radian of false eyelash.

    Stick after good, true false eyelash can have layer, add gently with eyelash clip, reapply eyelash creams brush to be able to be more natural oh finished.