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    Size :  13 cm ~ 15cm

    Name :  makeup  brush

    Style :  Beauty  Care  Makeup  tools

    Material :  wood  handle  with  nylon  brush  hair

    Color :  black

    Package :  brush  pot

    Useing :  cosmetics


1.This brush set contains different fashion design brushes, which is practical and can               meet your basic needs of daily application.

2.Made up of high quality material, which is durable to use and will provide great care            for your skin.

3.With fashionable and attractive brush , they will not easily to scratch your skin and                 easy to stick powder,no fading or dropping, you can use it for longer time.

4.Ideal for the application of powder, foundation, blush, concealer and other uses for               face,eyes,etc.

  • Tip:If makeup is frequent, brushes need to be cleaned once a week or two.

    Cleaning and Maintenance.

    Tell you a simple way to clean the brush.

    1. The brush of the washer under warm water,and avoid letting water rush to the metal buckle under the handle;

    2.Mix the washing liquid (or shampoo) with warm water and stir.Place only the bottom of the brush in the mixture to avoid water being sucked near the handle;

    3.Gently rub the brush with your fingers to wipe off the cosmetics and dust remaining on the brush;

    4.Repeat Step 1.Gently wipe away water droplets with a clean paper or towel;

    5.When airing, try to hang in the shade and dry, do not use a hair dryer;

    6.After washing, large brushes need to be finalized when necessary, and mesh cover can be used ,In shady dry time can also be used, but the brush will dry slowly.

    Shipping:Support all modes of transport.

    Packaging Details

    Unit Type: Set Package Weight: 0.095kg (0.21lb.) Package Size: 16cm x 10cm x 4cm (6.30in x 3.94in x 1.57in)