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     Size:  6.6cm  3.5cm

     Name:  eyelash curler

     Style:   Eyelash Curling Tool

     Material:  Plastic

     Color:  customized color

     Package:  customized

     Useing:  Ladies Eyes Makeup Work


100% new high quality!

Eyelash coiler, tally with eye shape, gently clip, make eyelashes curly, natural shine,           make eyes smart and delicate.

Silica Gel Pad, Soft and Skin-friendly;

Central fulcrum, flexible and powerful;

High-quality metal frame, exquisite appearance, comfortable feel;

Silicone rubber pad, environmentally friendly, strong, soft, no eyelashes fall off;

The control handle is simple and not easy to fall;

Small and convenient, suitable for home or outdoor carrying.