Makeup brush cleaning method?
1. Pour the make-up remover or brush cleaner into the honey powder cover, about a thin layer of the total covering weight, and let the brush hair stick and absorb, slightly dissolve the attached cosmetics.
2. Pour the natural ingredients of the shampoo into the basin to make bubbles, and then fully mix the bristles into the bubble water.
3. Hold the brush hair in the palm of your hand and repeat the technique of grasping and releasing, so that the residual dirt and color makeup in the brush hair can be completely cleaned out.
4. At the end of the brush, it is also the most frequently touched part of make-up products.
5. Finally, wash the brush with plenty of water, and completely clean the residual detergent in the brush with a clean water basin.
6. If the brush becomes too astringent due to the use of detergent, use a small amount of conditioner to slightly straighten the hair tail and also clean it with plenty of water.
7. Take a few sheets of paper towels or a towel with good water absorption, cover the brush hair and press it several times to dry the water as much as possible, and then lay it flat in the ventilation area to dry.
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