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    Size :  16.5 cm

    Name :  makeup  brush

    Style :  Beauty  Care  Makeup  tools

    Material : Ebony brush with hair yellow Wolf tail animal hair

    Beauty makeup tools categories: lip brush

    Useing :  cosmetics


1.This brush set contains different fashion design brushes, which is practical and can               meet your basic needs of daily application.

2.Made up of high quality material, which is durable to use and will provide great care            for your skin.

3.With fashionable and attractive brush , they will not easily to scratch your skin and                 easy to stick powder,no fading or dropping, you can use it for longer time.

4.Ideal for the application of powder, foundation, blush, concealer and other uses for               face,eyes,etc.

  • The use of the lip brush steps are as follows

    1 : first strike off, and gently brush on glue

    2: the two sides brush brush under the moist lip balm

    3: then you can use the lipstick. Note: used up immediately with a paper towel wipe up remaining on the bristles lipstick, otherwise, dry lipstick agglomerate, use brush easily bifurcate, next time if you have split ends, brush clean with washing liquid/body wash clean first, and then add some hair conditioner, with ventilation to dry after use again oh

    PS: brush factory is cleaned, use don't need to wash well for the first time, use after washing 1-2 times a month can ~ (can't wash with hot water, not to be able to soak for a long time)

  • Lip brush daily care advice

    Daily maintenance :  In the paper after using the above suitable brush, wipe the lipstick of excess residue

    Regular service:1- 2 weeks to maintain time, soak the bristles in diluted soap water, along the hair clean, reoccupy cold water is rinsed clean, gently with tissue paper moisture blot, after finishing, brush flat until dry.Brush after cleaning ventilation to dry, to avoid deformation of the brush, don't brush upright in a glass to dry, after washing, can use protect hair vegetable soak a rinse, make more soft brush.