How does novice stick false eyelash?

STET1: first, take out a false eyelash and put it on your eyes to figure out the right length
STET2: cut off the excess part at both ends of the false eyelashes and keep the false eyelashes slender
STET3: squeeze the glue onto the back of your hand, then apply tweezers to the end of the glue to scrape it over the eyelash stalk. Note that the two ends of the false eyelashes should be a little more glue, because the two ends are easy to curl up
STET4: sit for 30 seconds and let it die, so its more viscous, and now if its sticky its going to slide around. You can curl your eyelashes while you wait. So the true eyelashes can have the same curve
STET5: the key to wearing false eyelashes is to raise your chin and turn them up. Put eyelash above oneself eyelash first, just put good, do not stick up first
STET6: then hold the end of the false eyelash with tweezers and stick it. Then hold the front end and stick it. Press the false eyelashes in with your finger to make sure the middle part is stuck together
STET7: then use your fingers to shave up the false eyelashes, so that the eyelashes are up and the eyes are bigger and more alert